How Projects work

Private Sale (25%)

All early stakeholders will be having a limited supply of (xxxxxxx) and it will be lock for 9 months with a maximum withdrawal of 10 % per wallet address every month to avoid the investors dumping of each other and no one will be left out if they want to sell for their profit.

Team Wallet (5%)

Team wallet will be lock for 1 year to give the investors confidence that the team of hiraya will be the last token holder in the Hiraya Ecosystem to manage their tokens with a maximum withdrawals from their wallet of 10 % per month.

Marketing Wallet (8.5%)

This wallet is to ensure the transparent way for investors and community members to track how funds allocated for marketing are being spent by the project team. By separating these funds from other project-related expenses, it allows for more accountability and can help build trust with stakeholders.

Air Drop (1%)

This airdrop will be will be our one of marketing strategy to give free tokens to a large number of potential supporter and will be also lock 1 year time.



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